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Melissa has been staging with real estate teams for 9 years now and has truly helped clients prepare their homes for successful real estate market launches. Her approach to staging is a focus on each home's unique character where she always customizes her recommendations to work within the client’s individual needs and budget. Getting your home ready to sell can be a stressful and all consuming task, but Melissa really knows how to help her clients navigate this windy road in a very effective manner! Her efficient approach in decluttering, organizing and enhancing the home has successfully helped clients quickly prepare for the sell. Melissa has over 15 years of experience in home design with experience at Pottery Barn, RESA® membership and created her Bee Impressed Staging business 9 years ago.


Bee Impressed Staging offers 3 kinds of services:

● Occupied home staging

● Vacant listing staging for the real estate market

● Redesign services for your current home or recently purchased new home

Melissa specializes in working through design challenges and offers very affordable solutions for your home. Whether you want to sell your home quickly and effectively; create your dream environment in a new home with exciting style details; or implement a functional space in which to work and live - Melissa B. Lim can help make it happen!


We have worked alongside Melissa on multiple projects so far after being brought on to finish certain design work for her and her clients. Melissa is very prompt, professional, and thorough with impeccable style! After seeing how happy her clients have been with her process, we absolutely recommend her, as well as recommend partnering professionally with her.

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